July 4, 2011  ·  culture  ·  meta  ·  style

The Best of Unrefinery, Volume 2

Every summer Unrefinery takes a little time off, and although the economic situation may reduce our Monte Carlo aspirations to "staycations" and a couple of Daffy's and Syms runs, we're still taking a one-week break from our computers and smartphones. We recommend you do the same, but if not, here are a few of our most-read and staff favourites from the past year. Enjoy and we'll see you next week.

1. The ideal open collar
Kind of a public service, really. After literally years of experimentation we hit on a collar style that holds up the way we'd hoped.

2. Why we're sick of "Mad Men"
It's not just the show, which is a formulaic and segregated but generally harmless period piece. Rather it's the annoying tendency of an entertainment media that doesn't know its cultural history to attribute everything from the 1960s to the program, as if AMC invented Eames furniture and skinny lapels.

3. A visit to the mens' bag department
One of our most frequently shared, linked-to and emailed articles ever. One consultant's blog actually cited it as an example of a good decision-making guide, which attributes to us a certain degree of educational merit. But if you enjoy our site you are still probably a terrible person.

4. Basic jacket hacking
A demonstration of how simple changes can make a big difference in how your clothes look and fit, and a reminder of the importance of having a good tailor.

5. Do we have to spell it out?
Picking on the likes of Chris Brown and Kobe Bryant is too easy. We couldn't be more grateful for all of the times our readers forwarded and linked to this, but honestly, you're just encouraging us.

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