It's time for Unrefinery's annual week-long summer vacation. Until next Monday, here are a few favourites from the past year.

1. "Street Style" has well and truly jumped the shark
To be honest, though, the phrase "jumped the shark" has also jumped the shark.

2. Enough with the necktie boners
What's worse—being unknown, or being known as the website that coined the terms "necktie boner" and "apphole"?

3. Announcing The Unrefilter
We're still working on getting this thing out of beta, and it's needed more now than ever. The real problem with image recognition is distinguishing unlined neckties from regular lined ties that were stuffed into an envelope and creased to s**t. It takes a seriously advanced work of artificial intelligence to spot the difference.

4. Why nobody's impressed by your luxury crap
Mercedes owners are probably happy just to be on the radar. But the chart probably doesn't make any more sense to them than it did to anyone else.

5. Gilt Groupe is circling the bowl
You work hard to hone your writing to a point of basic literacy and try to develop an eye for style, and yet the article that connects with everyone involves cartoon turds crudely drawn in Photoshop.

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