May 31, 2013  ·  style

The Classic Striped T-Shirt

While the printed t-shirt in general is more or less antithetical to the whole concept of being well dressed, one exception might be the classic horizontal stripe—particularly in navy and white—which adds a summery casual texture to an otherwise solid outfit and can even work with suits and sport coats. The key is in the stripe width: too narrow and it passes for a solid, too wide and you end up looking like an inmate. A basic t-shirt in this style is easy to find. Here are three subtle variants on the theme.

Obey [$42] — Replacing the white with ecru tones down the brightness just a little and adds a subtle sophistication.

Zara [$26] — The classic style in a classic fit, but rendered in a 52/48 linen/cotton blend that gives it a bit of lightness and texture.

A.P.C. [$120] — We get no end of joy out of picking on Jean Touitou & co. around here, but if there's one company you'd expect to excel at updating what is essentially a French sailor's uniform this is it—and they don't disappoint. Rendering the stripes with tie-dye results in an interesting, subtle bleed that softens the lines of an inherently eye-catching pattern.

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