One of the most corrosive phenomena in our culture is the attitude that "if I don't like something, I want to make sure nobody else can have it either." See: opponents of gay marriage, anti-choicers, and advocates of censorship in any of its forms.

Almost equally dangerous is the lumbering uninformed mob, with opinions based on rumour and flimsy conspiracy theories, that gives us ideas like "the President is Kenyan" and "vaccines cause Autism".

The worst possible scenario is when these two elements converge. And unfortunately that's where we are with this pitchfork- and torch-wielding mob of lemmings, marching slack-jawed over the hill to take away our Kraft Macaroni & Cheese on the premises that FDA-approved food colouring will kill you and that making your own purchasing decisions is just too much work for a parent. It doesn't matter that Kraft offers no fewer than 14 Mac & Cheese variants with no food colouring. It doesn't matter that there are other places to buy macaroni & cheese (incuding, God forbid, making your own). The point is to harass the company with social media spam to the point where all other discourse is drowned out. Because dammit, personal choice isn't good enough. You have to take away the choices of others to feel you've really accomplished something. And of course, if you're one of the previously obscure food bloggers behind all of this, the point is to get on as many television cameras as possible before your 15 minutes is up.

F**k you, Mac & Cheese haters. Take your tinfoil hats elsewhere and go ruin your own beloved childhood treats. The rest of us are trying to eat our nuclear-orange lunch in peace.

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