Judging by the volume and breadth of online discourse on the subject, it's possible that the $120 white t-shirt in the A.P.C. / Kanye West collaboration may turn out to be some sort of tipping point for how many of us perceive the world of designer goods. Or fashion in general. Or Kanye West's priorities and what he really thinks of his fans.

A.P.C. enthusiasts point out that $120 t-shirts are nothing new for the brand, and that's true—Unrefinery featured a superb striped shirt just a few weeks ago. And of course it gets a lot worse elsewhere. So what's different in this case?

Jean Touitou's A.P.C. is not a brand known for taking great risks; at their best, they refine and update classic pieces in subtle ways that aren't always completely apparent. A navy long-sleeved polo might be unexpectedly rendered in a superfine merino wool with mother-of-pearl buttons. A jacket's quiet shadow plaid will reveal itself only in close proximity or under ideal light. Many small measures might be taken to flatter the wearer with better fit, style or materials.

The Yeezy T is none of those things. It's a plain white cotton jersey t-shirt in what is described as a "very loose" fit. That's the problem here. It's indistinguishable from what you'd get if you sized up at Uniqlo or even Wal-mart. And they want $120 for it. On top of that, they're going to call it the "HIP HOP T-SHIRT". The risk of an Emperor's New Clothes scenario like this that relies on a compliant audience to cheerlead based solely on momentum and fear of "not getting it" is that someone will eventually burst out laughing and spoil the whole party.

For some potential buyers, surely not all but possibly some, the possibility of being viewed with contempt by their heroes might signal that this is a good time to hop off that party train.

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