March 18, 2011  ·  style

The elusive textured polo

We'd bet that 90% of all polo shirts sold are solid colours, and another 5% are rugby-style horizontal stripes. With some of the remaining 5% eaten up by vertical stripes and oversized silhouettes of livestock, that doesn't leave a lot of market space for textured knits. It's a shame because this is a great look, kind of retro, a bit European in a St. Tropez In Summer sort of way. We have a heck of a time finding interesting textured polos that are (a) available online and (b) not insanely expensive. You have a source for buying a good polo in this style? Post a comment below or drop us a line. Shown left to right: Zara, D&G (as shown in GQ), Eugenio Sorrentino.

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