We're looking at it with our own eyes and we still can't quite believe the day has finally come: Uniqlo's online store has gone live. Now Uniqlo is a Japanese concern, and since the Japanese are weird you'll encounter the occasional oddity like an unexpected photo of the reanimated corpse of Joe Montana (right). But otherwise it's all good and they are about to make a metric s**t-ton of Yen selling their well-made, nicely fitted basics to the world. We've discussed Uniqlo before, but a quick run-down of the "buy" list: Their cashmere sweaters are fantastic for the price. See also their merino and lambswool offerings, great socks in a jillion colours, HEATTECH performance light layers. The kids seem to like their Japanese denim, but if you're a grown-up, you gotta know your limits.

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