November 19, 2010  ·  design  ·  tech

The Fiat 500 Hits The Colonies

The Fiat 500 arrives in the USA next month, and regular readers know well how excited we are to see an honest-to-God European economy car reach the new world. Granted, they had to make some modifications for the US market, including a larger base engine (101 vs. 70 hp), a stronger suspension, and a bigger fuel tank. One would assume they probably added a bunch of cup holders, too. The car's design is adorable, and starting at $15,500 it's priced thousands below the Mini (which looks gargantuan in comparison, being 7" longer and wider than the 500). What puts it over the top for us is the fantastic selection of sophisticated colours available, including beautiful cilantro and olive green tones, a rich espresso brown, and spicy reds and oranges. And after years of quality control improvements, FIAT no longer stands for "Fix It Again, Tony", so collect them all.

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