August 29, 2011  ·  culture  ·  style

The Mainstreaming Of The Smelly Hipster

It's literally impossible to effectively parody hipsterism, because if you find some suitably greasy dork and dress him up in every possible trapping of your standard cupcake-blogging attention hoe you end up with someone like the guy at the left—who is actually a real person, working for (as if we needed to tell you) Urban Outfitters. Where else is there for this thing to go? For that reason we have mixed feelings about Hyundai and now AT&T commercials co-opting the thick eyeglass, dumb facial hair, tights-with-shorts and superfluous accessory crowd to help them sell cars and mobile phone service. On the one hand, the less of this we see, the better. On the other hand, AT&T's business of dressing up models as fake hipsters for commercial gain must be utterly infuriating to those who consider themselves the genuine article. Maybe it will accelerate the end of this whole matter. That's OK with us.

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