February 29, 2012  ·  style

The Modern Classic Trench Coat

In an age where climate change brings increasingly chaotic weather, we may no longer be able to count on April showers. But it's a safe bet it's going to rain sooner or later. Classic beige trench coats are great for layering not just as a shield against the elements but as a light, neutral canvas to balance your darks and colours. Belted up, the coat produces a flattering masculine silhouette with a cinched waist against shoulder-emphasizing epaulets and broad lapels. While you can always throw one on over a suit, we are keen on the 70s Scotland Yard look with a turtleneck and ankle boots. Shown left to right: Charles Tyrwhitt, so British it s**ts crumpets. J. Lindeberg's welcome single-breasted variant. An acceptable cheap option from BR.

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