Richard Nixon was an evil bastard, but he was an organized evil bastard, famously maintaining a list of his enemies in Washington and beyond. In the spirit of his one redeeming idea, we present part 2 of the official Unrefinery Enemies List. (See also: Part 1)

1. John Varvatos
Well, to be honest, we love most Varvatos stuff; it's just that the feeling is not mutual. An attempt to supplement the tiny trickle of income produced by our banner ad rotation was foiled when we applied to join the John Varvatos affiliate program. Everything was going great until they found out that we made fun of their stupid-looking messiah sandals last year. So much for that.

2. Nordstrom
Back in December, everyone's favourite mall anchor store proudly posted a video of a staged "flash mob" singing Handel's Halleluja Chorus in their Seattle location. Overlooking our personal feelings about how annoying this had to be for everyone trying to shop, we helpfully suggested that anyone bursting into song in the Cherry Hill, New Jersey location is likely to get a cap busted in his punk ass. Somehow we lost the ability to post comments on their blog after that. Apparently they don't appreciate public safety tips over there.

3. Thomas Pink
Turns out they didn't really want to hear the opinions they solicited on those effete fops at the Royal Wedding, because our attempt to connect the dots between British formalwear and losing the Empire got us banished to Coventry. Seriously, Hong Kong f**ked off almost 15 years ago. Too soon? Really?

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