July 17, 2009  ·  tech

The Phone Is The Computer

William Gibson envisioned a future where you carry your primary computer around with you, and it looks like technology and real-world usage are converging there. Consider the recent turmoil in Iran, where thousands of mobile phones transmitted digital video, audio, and reports via the web and social networking sites. And then ponder the upcoming Sony-Ericsson smartphone (interface samples shown) with a rumoured 1GHz processor—comparable in power to compact notebooks—and the plethora of apps available for such devices from office suites to music composition and video editing. As power and storage capacity continue to improve, we're approaching the point where a phone can serve the primary computing needs of many users. Add full-screen application support over a high-def video output, a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, and you've got a desktop. It'll do until we have Gibson's direct neural interface, anyway.

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