September 8, 2010  ·  tech

The Pickup Truck Dilemma

Are you a closet pickup truck fan? For anyone who loves industrial design and appreciates utility, there's a lot to like about this clasically American vehicle. Nowdays you can get a truck with all of the interior comforts of your typical luxury sport-ute, four doors and full-sized rear seats, but with all kinds of cool stuff that no SUV will give you—like the big rig grille, 6-speed manual transmission, and monster 6.7-liter Cummins turbo diesel engine found on a (formerly Dodge) Ram 2500 (shown). The flatbed is easily turned into a highly usable storage space with an aftermarket locking hard tonneau cover, making it sort of a tiny bit practical to own one of these behemoths even if you aren't a landscaper or building contractor or rancher.

But the hard reality is that we can't think of any possible way for a guy to look cool driving a truck. You'll never see a suave secret agent climbing into one. If you had a date with Dame Helen Mirren and you showed up in a pickup, she'd refuse to get in. The only guys wearing suits in trucks are rednecks on their way to the senior prom. It's a problem we'd like to see solved, because at this point, it's a deal-breaker.

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