January 28, 2014  ·  design  ·  style  ·  tech

The pilot's watch evolved

The simplicity and function of the classic pilot's watch lend it a timeless elegance and it's difficult to argue that it really needs updating, but it's possible to tweak the formula to positive effect. AVI-8's AV-4019-05 Hawker Harrier II adds a subtle date display and alternating number size to a textured matte face, and at $300 with a Japanese quartz movement is a nice option for a watch you might not wear every day. In contrast the Nav B-Uhr A-Type from Steinhart retains a Swiss automatic movement and a beautifully unadorned face for around $425, the token gesture to modernization being its size—at 44mm it won't look out of place in an age where 42mm seems the new baseline.

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