February 16, 2015  ·  further reading  ·  style

The Post-Trend Universe

Cathy Horyn's piece in The New York Times' T Magazine (just bear with us here) makes the case that the changing role of fashion media and the availability of customization, among other factors, have brought us to a point where trends in style now exist in parallel rather than sequentially. And while the article is specifically about women's fashion it is surely even more accurate in menswear, where many of us operate outside of fashion with an aesthetic that is much less about being on-trend than merely avoiding the extremely dated (cyclical, brief and abortive flirtations with pleats and flared legs notwithstanding).

If we're learning to value the unique, custom piece and a look that flatters the individual season after season over the shiny new thing that everyone else has, maybe there's hope for us all.

Photos: Aiden Shaw wearing all kinds of different sh*t.

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