September 29, 2014  ·  style

The Return of +J

Uniqlo's 2009-2011 +J collection with Jil Sander set a standard for accessible designer collaborations that has of yet been unsurpassed, and now three years later it makes its return. Starting this Friday (in stores) and the Friday following (online) Uniqlo is making their Best of +J Collection available for purchase. And while we'll agree to disagree on whether these are the best of the collaboration—it omits the standout patterned knitwear and light cotton jackets—there is some superb stuff in here for everyone. The more conservative outerwear, including a trim rain mac ($150) and a peak lapel overcoat ($230), was consistently great the first time around. The stretch cashmere sweaters feature a flattering cut, some highly sophisticated colours, and a quality of cashmere that punches above its weight at the price point (around $150). And the dark wool flannel suiting, while strictly for the slight of build, is at under $250 perfect for a younger man looking to start dressing better at work and after hours.

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