Being over- or under-dressed is uncomfortable enough without being stuck in said situation for hours on end, and Thanksgiving dinner is fraught with potential for exactly that scenario. If your Thanksgiving is like most, the cast of characters will include any number of the following:
  • A couple of friends who care enough to respect the occasion.
  • Several delegates from the sweatshirt-and-jeans crowd.
  • Someone's (new?) significant other, determined to make a good impression by showing up in a tie and/or sport coat.
  • A bunch of relatives who couldn't give a s**t either way.
To play it safe while remaining completely comfortable and casual, here's the formula:
  • Good khakis. With a crease. Nothing loose.
  • An autumnal sweater.
  • Suede chukkas or loafers. Something nice. Your battered Clark's Desert Boots won't cut it here.
If you're expecting a slightly higher baseline for your fellow diners, maybe upgrade any one of these pieces—replace the khakis with wool trousers, add a collared shirt under the sweater, or go with polished leather instead of suede. Still casual, and still offering concealment for surreptitious unbuckling.

Note: Apply little or no fragrance. Nobody would rather smell you than what's coming out of the kitchen.

Shown: Brooks Brothers Milano khakis. Vince sweater. Massimo Dutti boots. Eddie Bauer belt.

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