December 21, 2011  ·  design  ·  meta  ·  style

The Unrefinery Award for 2011: Warby Parker

With the obvious exception of fragrance, there's almost nothing more difficult to buy online than eyeglasses—determining which frames will work with your face's unique structure and your individual colour is more art than science, and even after years most of us will rarely pick the best specs on the first try. The fact that Warby Parker will send you five pairs to try on for free is great in itself, but that's truly just the tip of the iceberg of what makes this company so great to buy from. Their optical and sunglass frames are offered in a wide range of styles and beautiful colours, all for $95 including prescription lenses for the former and polarized for the latter. Each pair you purchase funds a donated pair to someone in need. Knowing all this, we were almost looking for some sort of crack in the veneer when we dropped in to their New York showroom, but nothing doing—the two employees on duty, Zach and Kaki, were about the most patient and relentlessly cheery people you'll ever meet.

We aren't usually this positive around here, but juice up on some insulin and deal with it. Then check them out.

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