December 31, 2012  ·  meta  ·  style

The Unrefinery Award for 2012: Luxire

Luxire first introduced themselves only a few months ago with a remarkable premise—$59 made-to-measure shirts, including any customization desired, shipped free in 5 days. If it sounds like a winning formula to you, you're not alone: year's end finds them having expanded from a handful of basic shirts to nearly 300 fabric options, making bespoke trousers and pajamas(!), and offering a selection of ready-to-wear accessories including some wonderfully lightweight, soft and warm cashmere scarves for $100.

Unrefinery interviewed Luxire's Ashish Arya back in September and were struck by his commitment to producing the highest possible quality of work. It can't be easy to sustain such a level of craftsmanship and service during a period of rapid growth, but Luxire have achieved it. We're looking forward to seeing what they do next.

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