December 30, 2013  ·  meta  ·  style

The Unrefinery Award for 2013: Suitsupply

The best design is democratized design, created without aesthetic compromise and then through efficiencies of manufacture and careful selection of materials made affordable to the masses—a winning formula successfully executed in stylish favourites from the $25 Timex Easy Reader to the $16,000 Fiat 500. This is the primary achievement of Suitsupply, who bring unfused canvas construction and fabrics from celebrated mills to the sub-$500 suit market. Along the way they also took a leading role in rehabilitating the double-breased suit from a banker's box into a trim and contemporary option. 2013 was a big year for the brand in North America with new store openings in Atlanta, Philadelphia and Houston, and their continued growth and success is good news for all of us who have made them our first stop when looking for new suits, sport coats, wool trousers, knits and outerwear.

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