December 21, 2015  ·  design  ·  tech

The Unrefinery Award for 2015: Blackberry

Back in 2013 Unrefinery lamented that there was still no perfect phone and contemplated with anguish the Blackberry Q10's pairing of beautiful hardware with a crippled operating system. They followed up with the Blackberry Classic, another piece of fine hardware that "sort of" runs Android apps—as long as they appear in Amazon's app store... and if they don't rely on Play Services... and you don't mind missing notifications... and you have the hacking skills to patch them yourself...

It might still not be perfect, but the best mobile phone available today is the Blackberry Priv. Full, legitimate Android OS, a great (if not BB's best) keyboard, a big bright curved-edge OLED screen, Blackberry-hardened security, and a handful of innovations like the keyboard doubling as a touch-sensitive trackpad. Silly name, somewhat awkward weight distribution when open and the years of waiting? All is forgiven. Well done.

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