A regular reader pointed us to a Wall Street Journal article on the supposed comeback of the three-piece suit. To be honest, the biggest surprise here was learning that the WSJ has a style section in the first place. As for the suits themselves, well, we've always thought the three-piece was a ridiculously dated relic best relegated to the dustbin of history with the fedora and the pocket watch, to be sported today only by old fart Wall Street investment bankers. And the article does nothing but reinforce our position here—one of their examples of the "comeback" of the three-piece is that it's worn on a TV show set in the 1960s. Another example they cite is HBO's Boardwalk Empire, a 1920s-1930s period piece. And finally, there's the WSJ itself, whose readers actually ARE old fart Wall Street Investment Bankers. Sometimes the best way to assess the validity of advice is to consider the source.

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