Every spring for the last few years they've tried to sell men on incorporating pale warm pastels into our wardrobes. And while there is some minor precedent in the FU bright trousers that Italian gents wear with their blazers, in practice very few of these colours are going to look good on you. Also, as so painfully demonstrated by this Uniqlo promo, you do not want to wear more than one of them at a time. If you have to wear a pastel, combine it with whites, neutrals, and/or ground it with darker contrasting pieces like navy or brown.

Some general guidelines on what works where:
  • Pale blue: shirts, trousers.
  • Tan: trousers, jackets.
  • Lavender: shirts.
  • Tangerine: really small accents, like pocket squares.
  • Peach: maybe like a linen jacket you're going to wear at dinner in Monte Carlo or something?
  • Pale green, pale yellow, Pepto-Bismol™ pink, pale rose, teal: your daughter's clothes.

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