September 2, 2009  ·  culture  ·  style

The Well-Dressed Mr. Ripley

The recent preppy non-trend, and the historical revisionism that fuels it (nobody actually wore this stuff in the US; it all went to Japan), has us thinking back to the 1999 movie The Talented Mr. Ripley. Not a great film by any measure—the Village Voice compared it to "reading The National Enquirer in a café overlooking the Adriatic"—this plodding and overly-long film is still worth watching solely on the merits of its wardrobe. We don't know how accurate its depiction of 1950s Italy might be, as none of us were there, but pretty much everything worn therein would be perfectly in style today. Just make sure that if you go after this look, you start with Original Penguin and Ben Sherman. Not J. Press.

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