There is new thinking in cargo pants, and you really have to hand it to whomever first thought of rebooting a garment style that most of us would have considered beyond redemption. Rather than trying to civilize the sorts of baggy, battered leg-sacks that comprise the majority of pants in this genre, the new idea is to start with a tailored, modern trouser in nice materials and cargo-fy it with a pair of side thigh pockets. The result is a nice casual take on a pant that can still work with a blazer, and the pockets add genuine utility. Dressier cargos of wool or corduroy are just about the best possible travel pants: Inherently wrinkle-resistant, and sporting useful, document-sized pockets that are accessible when sitting or standing... and are still close at hand even when your coat is jammed into the overhead bin or trapped in the x-ray machine. Left: Hugo Boss wool cargos ($116). Right: Suitsupply corduroy cargos ($149).

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