July 11, 2011  ·  culture  ·  design

This is why we pick on Dwell.

We pick on Dwell a lot, and for a variety of reasons: the smug Prius carpetbaggers, the filthy-rich do-gooders, the seething resentment that THIS is the best modern shelter magazine available and that we're therefore stuck with it. But what irks our s**t the most is this recurring business of celebrating cold, unwelcoming environments that are shockingly unsuitable for their advertised purposes. Case in point: the July/August theme issue on environments for children. The cover shows some poor toddler playing in a room that would be difficult to make any less child-friendly without the introduction of fire, electricity or lead paint. Nothing but hard concrete, hard wood, and sharp edges everywhere, ready to crack open the cranium of anyone who takes a bad step (Guess that'll teach 'em not to run in the house). Decor includes some delicate-looking tchotchkes and a cracked seashell with exposed edges. Is this the best you could do for your child? How about a goddamn RUG, for chrissakes? We think we've figured out the cause of the arm bruises (inset). Maybe we should call somebody.

The interior features aren't a whole lot better, with children's spaces featuring cement slides and strangulation-ready rope nets suspended from ceilings.

Sometimes you really suck, Dwell.

See you next month.

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