The venerable English shirtmaker's much-anticipated Stretch Slim Fit Shirts reached U.S. shores this week, and here's the tough realization we've come to: it's hard to get excited about $130 off-the-rack shirts in this day and age. There has to be something special at work to make the purchase a value proposition. Now, the trace amounts of spandex or elastane found in these shirts makes a real difference in terms of fit—and we're talking specifically about the waist here, where ill-fitting shirts are the most problematic. But that's the problem: the world has changed, and it's easy to get a really, really nice made-to-measure shirt for that kind of money or less, perfectly fit and delivered to your doorstep, which tends to mitigate the need for stretch fabrics in the first place. "But it's a Thomas Pink shirt", you remind us. Well, technically. The bottom button is attached with pink thread. It has a very British, very wide spread collar. But no French cuffs, and that distinctive TP pieced side panel is gone, replaced with a single seam (albeit a heavy duty one). Pretty nice fabric. But there's not much separating it from a shirt you could have made for yourself, and at $130, that's what we'd probably just go ahead and do.

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