Tom Ford needs more promotion about as much as we need reports on clothes we'll never be able to afford. But the designer's site has just been updated with images of the fall collection, and f**k us if it isn't fantastic. Ford's signature style is sort of an amplification more than a reinvention of classic menswear, with luxurious patterned materials and broad lapels. He evolves it this time with more notches than peaks on the coats and suit jackets and a deeper, richer palette of tweeds and plaids. We still don't get where he's going with the weird eyeglass frames or the use of models who appear to be aliens from a planet where the dominant race has cartoonishly large, bony crania. But we've got to give the man the benefit of the doubt. Not sure how many suits and overcoats he actually sells at those prices, but expect plenty of these photos to be printed and brought into bespoke tailors around the world with the instruction, "make me one like this."

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