Tom Ford has been around long enough now that the recurring themes in his work have become pretty well established: we're going to get masculine lapels, deep variants on classic menswear patterns, knits with broad cuffs and hems, and insanely luxurious materials from top to bottom. For Fall / Winter 2013 he doesn't tinker with the things we've all come to appreciate, but rather makes some welcome refinements—last year's experiment with elephantine trouser legs seems to be a thing of the past, and the new tailored silhouette looks great. The continued exploration of shadow plaids in black, greys and browns is always welcome and probably has a few more years of life in it. As usual the styling is interesting. Approve of the white socks. And the models who don't look like aliens from another planet. Less keen on the gigantic fur Eskimo boots and the absence of decorative nude female models as seen in previous years. Still room for improvement, Tom.

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