September 12, 2016  ·  meta  ·  style

TOM FORD Paradigm Shift

The fashion industry has long-established rhythms. A designer presents a runway show several months ahead of the season for which it was designed; buyers look it over; half a year later some of the clothes presented make their way into the stores. For A/W 2016 Tom Ford broke from tradition, and taking a cue from the tech world, rolled out the collection on his website via a well-done video stream and made all shown items immediately available for order. Offering RTW apparel direct-to-consumer is also new for Ford, whose online offerings for men were previously limited to shoes, accessories and just recently shirts.

Granted, this might only be really good news to those who can drop $1,300 on a sweater, but it's an interesting acknowledgment of how consumer expectations impact even industries and brands who don't live and die on high volumes or impulse buyers.

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