The idea behind a travel blazer is that you can wear it from point A to point B—typically with some cramped air travel in between—in a modicum of comfort and convenience and with some chance of looking decent when you get where you're going.

The Samuelsohn approach (thanks, Barron's) is to address the resilience requirement by specially treating Super 120s Loro Piana wool to be crush- and wrinkle resistant; the convenience comes from a dozen pockets including the security of an interior zippered compartment. Available in navy or black for $1,195.

If your budget is a little more modest you can pay roughly 6% as much and get a Dry Comfort Jacket from Uniqlo. Wrinkleproof by virtue of being essentially a heavy polyester/cotton sweatshirt, and with 9 fewer pockets (there's still one on the inside), but with the added bonus that you won't be all that upset if something happens to it. Comes in 5 colours; $70.

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