July 3, 2009  ·  culture  ·  style

Unfortunate Clothing Company Names

This is no judgment on the quality of the clothing, because we wouldn't know, but some companies' names make us facepalm every time we hear them. Acne Jeans, for instance, is apparently denim for people with bad complexions. Yes, we know it's actually an acronym from this Swedish company. Something was lost in translation. Under Armor is also unfortunate if you just hear the name, and don't know how it's spelled. An "under armer" is probably an existing term for a variety of Japanese fetishist. But the winner is Sag Harbor: Talk about a word no dame wants to be associated with. This sounds like a derogatory term for a place overrun with out-of-shape women. "Hey, any hotties at the club tonight?" "No, man, it was a total sag harbor." What, was "Droop City" taken?

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