October 3, 2016  ·  style

Uniqlo U Is Coming

Uniqlo's last collaboration with Christophe Lemaire was frankly a bit unremarkable; the pieces diverged from the staple pieces on which they were based only in minor details and the $60 lambswool cardigan that arrived at Unrefinery HQ had severely pilled sleeves after a single wearing. Hopes are a little higher for Lemaire's first Uniqlo U collection, which acknowledges from the outset that its goal is a refinement of the basics and has a slightly higher price point that one would hope reflects a higher quality of materials. A few pieces to look for when the products go online October 14:

1. Cashmere Blend Turtleneck Sweater [$80] — Everyone cringes at the phrase "cashmere blend" as it typically indicates a cashmere content in the single digits. If this bucks that trend then this is a pretty interesting piece. The price is right, the ribbed neck, hem and cuffs are very cool, and nice available colours include a rich ochre and warm ivory.

There's also a rather ordinary looking cashmere (not "blend") turtleneck at $140, which would be a tough sell given that Uniqlo's already great standard cashmere turtlenecks are a reliable $100 every year and typically go on sale early for around $80.

2. Extra Fine Merino Knit Polo [$50] — This is an underrated men's staple for winter, comfortable and easy to layer, but made a little more work-ready than a standard crew or v-neck by virtue of its collar detail. At $50, could be an opportunity to buy in multiple colours.

3. Wool Blend Chesterfield Coat [$180] — Generally a bit of synthetic fibre is more acceptable in outerwear as it offers a bit of water resistance and shape retention. This has nicely cut lapels and the rich olive/brown looks great.

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