January 19, 2017  ·  style

Uniqlo's Amazing $50 Tweed Jackets

Without asking who the heck wasn't buying these things at $100, Uniqlo's handsome tweed jackets—now on sale for $50—do a pretty good job of checking off design elements from the traditional sartorialist's wish list:
  • Patch pockets.
  • Lapels wide enough to overlap the chest pocket.
  • Minimally structured.
  • Soft shoulders(!)
  • Working cuff buttons(!!!)
That said, there are going to be some caveats at this price point:
  • The material is a 70/30 wool blend. Feels pretty nice though. Tweedy.
  • Sizing is coarse: S/M/L. The M seems between a 38 and a 40.
  • The limited sizing is going to cause a problem if the sleeves aren't pretty close to the correct length for you (as they aren't for Uniqlo's unfortunately dressed model shown here), since surgeon's cuffs are difficult to alter. Maybe 1/2" at best. You aren't going to be adjusting sleeves from the shoulder on a mass-produced $50 coat, son.
So if they aren't pretty close to a good fit for you, you aren't going to be able to make them work. But if they are, don't just buy one— drop $200, collect your instant collection of tweed blazers, and head off to your local tailor for fine tuning.

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