It's come to our attention that some of you don't yet own a garment steamer, in which case you really need to get with the program. Knits, trousers, and casual shirts are all effectively de-wrinkled and made ready to wear with a couple minutes of steam...basically anything other than dress shirts, which still warrant a proper ironing and possibly a bit of starch. Theoretically you can use the crease tool to sort of press stuff as well, but in practice this never works—unless we aren't doing it right, which is frankly quite possible. Avoid the cheap Conair steamers found at your local Bloodbath & Beyond; you'll find (as we unfortunately did) that the steam intermittently stops and the tank eventually leaks. Our current favourite is the Rowenta IS9100 [$150, shown] which heats up in about a minute and has a huge tank that rarely needs refilling. Full disclosure: Unrefinery is a member of the Amazon affiliates program, so if you click the link above and buy one, we'll make almost (but not quite) enough cash for a round trip on our local public transit. Go us.

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