February 11, 2009  ·  style

Unrefinery 101: Get a tailor

We mention tailoring a lot around here. From your feedback we've learned that it is a widely-held misconception that only the wealthy and fashionistas have tailors. It's just not true; tailoring is for everyone. And not just to fit your clothes, but to customize or modernize them as well. Yang from The Tailor Shop in Wayne, PA offers these ways to get standard items updated for under $20:

The usual problem with traditional-fit dress shirts is that dreadful muffin-top effect of extra fabric billowing out above your trousers. A lot of tailors will address this by tapering the side seams, which might make it hard to move your arms. A better solution is to add or adjust darts ($15) which will give you a great slim look without touching the sleeves or underarms.

Everyone knows about hemming ($16-18) and waist sizing ($20), which are of course necessities for basic fit. But for around $10 you can usually get the seat tightened up as well, and this will make a huge difference in how you look from behind.

If the shoulders and sleeves fit you well, but there's more than a fist-width of room between your chest and coat, a cheap and easy way to trim your look is to merely reset the buttons ($10). This will pull your jacket a little tighter shut and give you a modern, slim fit.

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