January 26, 2015  ·  mail  ·  style

Unrefinery 101: You need a seam ripper

Visible clothing logos are a plague, and the cure is a seam ripper. Well, in some cases, anyway. Unless you want to join the servants and slaves of history in wearing another man's crest, one of these handy little gadgets and a few minutes' work can emancipate you from some degree of conspicuous consumerism. There are exceptions, of course. Anything tightly embroidered is probably not coming off without destroying the garment in the process. And anything covered with logos should of course not have been bought in the first place.

Besides freeing you from being an unpaid walking billboard, a seam ripper simplifies minor alterations such as removing extraneous chest pockets. Naturally a little more care is required for anything large and prominently positioned. Generally knits and textured fabrics will leave minimal scars, and a laundry cycle with sufficient agitation will probably close up whatever holes remain. When in doubt take the item to your local tailor for an informed opinion on whether the item will survive the operation.

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