October 5, 2009  ·  style

Update: Jil Sander at Uniqlo

A quick update on the Jil Sander +J collection at Uniqlo. On day 2 the Manhattan store was still mobbed, with a 30-minute wait to get in and a 20-minute wait for a changing room. Other than outerwear, stock was already just about gone at that point. But we learned a few things: 1. This isn't a particularly limited run; they'll re-stock repeatedly over the next couple of weeks. 2. Apparently you have to dress like a hooker if you are a female Uniqlo employee. And 3. The wool flannel suits are every bit as awesome as advertised. Very slim fit, and tapered trousers, but if you can pull it off you'll have a real bargain on something you'll wear all winter.

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