Valentine's Day is just about here, and as we're as clueless as ever about what we should do about it, that means it's time to check in again with T.Strong aka StyleMayvin for help. And it turns out those affordable watches we've been talking about lately aren't just for the guys.

StyleMayvin: "If there's one thing I've learned about giving gifts on Valentine's Day, it is that less is not always more. When I say "more" I don't mean to imply that the price tag of the item purchased should be so big that it breaks the bank but here's where quality versus quantity truly makes a difference. Whether that special someone in your life is into physical gifts or mushy expressions of love, I've got you covered!

There's an old myth that says you should never give someone you love a timepiece as a gift because it "measures the passage of time and indirectly suggests a limited time span" Well, my fashion sense tells me that's just a bunch of superstitious hooey! If you agree and want to prove that your relationship will stand the test of time, figuratively and literally, check out this white resin watch by Armitron. The bezel is surrounded by 41 Swarovski crystals and sells for $38! Trust me, there is NO WAY you can go wrong with Swarovski.

If you want to do something a little more romantic, don't go with the expected dinner date at a nice restaurant. Although it is a very nice gesture, really put some thought into it this year. V-Day falls on a Monday so why not make it a long weekend and surprise her with a quick getaway. It could be something extravagant and tropical or a simple Bed & Breakfast. Here's when quality time really makes a difference!"

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