Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and instead of just taking our usual wild guess at what dames want, someone here had the idea that maybe we should just, you know, ask them. So we prevailed upon one of the most fashionable women we know, T.Strong aka StyleMayvin, to throw us a bone. She kindly took time out from her busy schedule of publishing and TV appearances to help us out.

StyleMayvin: "Most men probably won't believe this but honestly, women are really quite simple to understand and overall, pretty easy to buy gifts for. More about quality than the price tag, ladies love to create memories around the gifts we receive and in that vein my advice to the Gents is to do just that. Take her to a cozy Bed & Breakfast and surprise her with a beautiful heart pendant. Although it may sound a bit cliché, make it memorable by having it engraved with a special message. The basic 'I Love You' simply won't do unless it's the first time you've said it BUT be sure she feels the same or it could make for a very interesting weekend. Maybe the message could be something quirky that only the two of you know and understand... either way, the ambience coupled with this thoughtful gift trumps roses and chocolates anyday."

Shown left to right: Return to Tiffany Mini double heart tag pendant [$100], Sweetheart Heirloom Locket from Blue Nile [$115 plus $6-10 for engraving]

Check out StyleMayvin this week to see our pick for gents, and every week for insights and commentary on women's fashion.

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