September 15, 2010  ·  culture  ·  style

Wall Street, then and now

Esquire has posted a pretty interesting interview with Ellen Mirojnick, who designed the costumes for both the original Wall Street movie and the upcoming sequel, Money Never Sleeps. As is typical for Esquire when covering anything in popular media, they embarrassingly overreached in the intro by calling Michael Douglas' original Gordon Gekko "a sartorial tycoon" who has "been a touchstone of men's fashion ever since". This is of course a load of crap; Gekko Mk. I looked like a greasy slimeball in his clashing patterns, baggy pleated pants and cartoonish suspenders, and is today a reference only as a demonstration of how 80s style became so rapidly dated. But the interview itself is interesting. Mirojnick provides real insight into how a character's personality is reflected and amplified by wardrobe, and offers intriguing references for the sourcing of materials and accessories. The movie looks well on its way to being a visual sartorial spectacle.

Unfortunately Shia Labouef stars in it, which guarantees that the film will suck ass with a straw.

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