March 10, 2014  ·  culture  ·  tech

We need luxury airships

In William Gibson's classic short story The Gernsback Continuum, a photographer documenting retro-futurist buildings of the 30s and 40s drifts into a parallel universe where the envisioned "raygun future" has come to pass, culminating with a luxurious flying wing passing overhead to the hum of engines and the clinking of dinnerware.

We're OK not getting that specific future, which brought with it the creepy Aryan/Übermensch vision of humankind that the overwhelmingly fascist futurists idealized, but the glorious pleasure airship in particular may be a step closer to reality with the unveiling of Hybrid Air Vehicles' giant aircraft, a 300-foot-long hybrid of airship and plane that can stay aloft for weeks on end. Initially developed to transport tons of freight to difficult locations, it's the possibility of future luxury hybrids, with infinity pools stretching across hundreds of feet and decks for quiet wildlife observation at low altitudes that is so alluring. Let's get this done, guys.

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