May 13, 2011  ·  style

Webbed Belts Redux

Right, so a couple of years back we took a big steaming dump on webbing belts in general, and although this is hard to believe regarding an Unrefinery article, We May Have Been A Bit Harsh and caused some collateral damage. The problem isn't really the whole idea of the webbing belt, it's just that the GQ article created a kind of perfect storm of suck at the intersection of several poor decisions. You can in fact wear webbed and braided belts, and sometimes this is the best solution when you're trying to match your ivory bucks or blue suede oxfords without resorting to the bright leather belt of the used car salesman. Just follow these guidelines (which GQ didn't) in order to not look like a douchenozzle:
  • No nylon belts.
  • No stupid faux-preppy colours or patterns like pink or bright green stripes.
  • Do not wear the webbing belt with a suit, or with anything less casual than khakis.
  • Do not be Chris Pine.
So feel free to get a tasteful, neutral belt made of cotton and a bit of leather, and bust it out with your linen trousers this summer. Shown: L.L.Bean Signature [$39]. J. Crew [$40].

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