The list of things that were cool about bowling was pretty short to begin with—Christina Ricci in Buffalo '66 and the awesome shoes. Nowadays it seems that Tina is on her own. Classic Brunswick bowling shoes (left) had a distinctive two-tone athletic style with rubber soles, providing a lot of style, plenty of grip and at least adequate comfort at the same time. They were so cool that keeping them and forfeiting the $2 rental fee seemed like a bargain, and perhaps that's a contributing factor to their eventual uglification, but somewhere along the line utility and bad taste unfortunately won out. The common traits among all shoes made by Dexter (right), the self-proclaimed "#1 Bowling Shoe in the World", is that they are utterly hideous and look like something Cartman might have worn—along with his helmet and drooling lopsided grin—in that South Park episode when he disguised himself as a 'tard in order to win the Special Olympics. Ugh.

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