March 30, 2015  ·  style

White Trousers For Every Season

Don't know about where you live, but around Unrefinery HQ there don't seem to be defined seasons anymore. Everyone has their winter and summer wardrobes out at the same time, overflowing dressers and closets and guestroom beds.

Regardless of temperature or occasion there's always a way to utilize the highly wearable ultimate neutral that is the white pant. Here's a handy guide to choosing the right material. As always with white pants, make no compromise on opacity—the thin Bemberg lining on the Luxire trousers shown here serves the dual purpose of hiding your undergarments and adding a cooling buffer between your skin and the heavy cotton twill shell.

As for colour, generally brighter whites are more suitable for summer and ivories and creams look more appropriate in winter. Which it now seems may run from September to May. Hmmph.

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