If you're reading this after clicking a headline on your Facebook wall, you're one of a very exclusive minority. Whether you consider that lucky or unlucky depends on how charitably you view the quality of this site, but regardless...

Facebook's login page says that "it's free it always will be", but what they're actually referring to is your ability to log in to the service. The fundamental concept of the site—that if you follow or like someone, you'll see what they share—is on its way out. As an excellent article by Gawker's Valleywag reports, the number of a page's fans reached by each post is being actively throttled by Facebook with the ultimate target being 1% of those who sign up for our content actually seeing it. Unless, of course, we pay to "boost" each post. For huge companies this is no big deal. For snarky menswear websites it's a laughably impossible investment. For non-profits and activists it's a crippling blow to a key communication channel.

This is your window of opportunity, Google Plus. Get it together.

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