October 24, 2016  ·  design  ·  style  ·  tech

Zac Posen's Delta Uniforms

Zac Posen has taken on the non-trivial task of designing uniforms for more than 60,000 frontline Delta employees spanning a wide variety of occupations. The technical considerations had to be innumerable, from microbiological factors in food service to reflectiveness for runway personnel, so you'd hesitate to criticize any of it too harshly had Delta not peppered their press release with terms like "high fashion", "elegance" and "glamour". Which they did. Setting the bar kind of high.

The clearly utilitarian "below wing" clothes actually look pretty cool, comprised of polos and flat-front trousers made from technical materials. The "above wing" and desk uniforms for women range from nice to stunning—how many airlines would include a plum leather bag with matching gloves in the kit they issue to employees?

And then there's the men's flight attendant uniform. It's a three-piece suit with no lapels on the jacket. Clearly this is an effort to discourage men from becoming flight attendants, and maybe that's OK.

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